How to use scraper blades correctly to create maximum returns?

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Aug 05,2021

How to use scraper blades correctly to create maximum returns?
Scrapers, as consumables in the metal processing industry, play an important role in saving costs, improving quality, and changing processing methods. With the development of science and technology, tool products are becoming increasingly diverse and developing rapidly, with constantly updated product concepts.
When it comes to cutting tools, we first mention machine tools. The changes in processing requirements in various fields require the continuous improvement of the equipment level of machine tools. When the equipment level of the machine tool improves, the original cutting tools can no longer be applied to the new machine tool. At this point, new tools are gradually being applied to modern metal processing.
At present, when customers purchase tools, there are usually several methods: firstly, regardless of the performance of the tool in use, simply compare the cheapest one with the price; Secondly, only buy the most expensive, and the most expensive must be the best; The third is the ratio of the number of processed workpieces to the price of cutting tools when meeting the processing requirements, and whoever buys it will have the lower price; Fourthly, when meeting processing requirements, in addition to calculating cost-effectiveness, costs such as working hours, water and electricity, and equipment depreciation should also be calculated. Compare the cost of the workpiece and select the cutting tool.
Obviously, the fourth method is the most ideal, but currently most processing enterprises are difficult to achieve, and many are still in an extensive mode? Campsite, severe waste. When purchasing tools, the requirements of the machine tool and workpiece should be taken as a reference, and the cost-effectiveness should be moderate while meeting the requirements. Generally speaking, when choosing a very good tool for a machine tool, it is difficult to reflect the characteristics of the tool. However, if a good machine tool has poor tools, it cannot reflect the advantages of the machine tool, thus wasting equipment resources.
In terms of tool usage, we generally recommend using disposable blades as much as possible to reduce tool polishing, as the overall tool cost will definitely be higher than disposable blades. If the blade is damaged when replacing it, it is not recommended to replace it. Generally, it will be replaced after the average lifespan. Damage to the blade tip will affect the service life of the next blade tip. In short, each cutting tool brand has its own characteristics and strengths. Only by purchasing and using tools correctly according to their own equipment and processing requirements can users achieve ideal returns.
What are the types and applications of scrapers
Coating Scraper - The type and application of coating scraper. The coating equipment may experience uneven coating during operation, and it is necessary to use a scraper to scrape the adhesive evenly.
Ink knife
The ink scraper is cut from stainless steel sheets and then pressed onto the scraper holder, acting on the adhesive roller. Because the stainless steel sheet is relatively soft, the scraping is not very uniform; Therefore, there are also blade types made of other materials for the ink scraper, most of which are used to scrape the glue on the mesh roller and also for pre scraping the glue on the smooth roller. Coating scraper
Coated scrapers are usually made of alloy tool steel with good strength and hardness, which has high strength and hardness, and the straightness error of the cutting edge is relatively small. When scraping, the scraper is fixed and does not rotate. Pneumatic and fine adjustment mechanisms are used to adjust and control the position of the scraper. The coating quantity control and scraping accuracy are high, making it very convenient to use. The advantage of applying a comma knife is that the scraping is very uniform, suitable for precise scraping on smooth rollers.



Discussion on the structure of the trowel

The utility model mud scraper includes a mud scraper belonging to the field of construction technology. The utility model includes a knife handle and a knife plate, wherein the knife handle faces the knife handle with a convex block on one side,