What are the commonly used cutting methods for stainless steel putty knives

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Nov 19,2021

Stainless steel putty knives also require a cutting edge, and there are three common cutting methods for stainless steel putty knives.
1. Surface grinding method. This is a grinding method that balances sharpness and hardness. It has been ground flat from the back to the blade, so it has a very sturdy back and spine. Compared to the above two methods, this grinding method is more difficult to grind because many steels require grinding during the grinding process. The blade is very thin and sharp. This is a very good grinding method. Because it is a V-shaped grinding method that starts from the longitudinal section of the knife, it is also known as the V-shaped grinding method.
2. Cavalry grinding. Similar to the surface grinding method, it is a design without grooves on both sides of the tool surface. The method of sharpening a knife is from the back of the knife to the back of the knife. It also has excellent cutting and cutting capabilities. The early cavalry knife was in this form of sharpening, hence it is called the cavalry sharpening technique.
3. Electric arc grinding method. This grinding method is different from the above four grinding methods. Other grinding methods form slopes or grooves on both sides of the blade, while arc grinding methods form double convex arcs above the blade. This grinding method is as sturdy as surface grinding and as sharp as concave grinding. This is a very difficult grinding method.
When using a putty knife grinder, regular maintenance should be carried out to not only extend the service life of the putty knife grinder, but also improve work efficiency and save costs. What should be noted during maintenance?
1. The grinding wheel of the oil knife grinding machine must be carefully selected based on the material and hardness of the working material. Please correct the balance of the grinding wheel before grinding.
2. When the suction is weak, please check if the vacuum cleaner is blocked by dust.
3. Pay attention to the direction of rotation of the main shaft and check if the oil passage of the oil window is unobstructed.
4. The spindle end and grinding wheel flange should be coated with a thin oil film to prevent rusting.
5. Please clean the dust box and filter steel of the oil knife grinding machine once a week.
Stainless steel putty knives are often used for house decoration, but many people do not know how to use them correctly. The editor is here to teach you,
Stainless steel putty knife, also known as steel scraper or scraper. The utility model consists of a handle and a thin steel plate. It is a commonly used tool for preparing putty, scraping putty, or cleaning putty marks, sand, and ash.
Flexibly grasp the clamping method of the putty scraper according to the construction object, with strong scraping force, convenient operation, and convenient scraping and filling. The clamping methods of putty knife can be divided into straight clamping and horizontal clamping.
1. When holding directly, press the blade tightly with your index finger, and hold the handle with your thumb and four other fingers.
2. When holding horizontally, the center of the thumb and index finger should bring the scraper closer to the handle, and the other three fingers should be pressed against the blade. When preparing putty, use putty knives alternately on both sides, and hold the handle when cleaning the putty scars.



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The utility model mud scraper includes a mud scraper belonging to the field of construction technology. The utility model includes a knife handle and a knife plate, wherein the knife handle faces the knife handle with a convex block on one side,