Does the scraper manufacturer introduce some relevant information about the scraper?

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Oct 21,2021

Our company is a professional scraper manufacturer, and we sell a wide range of product types here. There are some mud and tile tools such as trowels and putty knives, brick cutters, etc. If you need these products, you can come to us to order them. Today, we will mainly tell you some relevant information about the trowel? If you're also interested, let's take a look together. I hope to bring help to relevant personnel.
The function of a mud scraper is quite significant, and it can be used wherever a house is decorated. A trowel, also known as a trowel board, is a tool used by craftsmen to smooth and fill with plaster. When we talk about it, I think everyone is also very familiar with it. As a scraper manufacturer, anyone with any needs in this area can come to consult us. The product produced by the company is divided into carbon steel, manganese steel, and stainless steel. No matter which one you need, it can meet the needs of customers. The scraper manufacturer also clearly informed everyone that this product is made of the same material as the putty knife. They are all composed of a knife body and a knife handle. And the mud scraper has toothed mud scraper (with sharp teeth, square teeth, and solitary teeth) and flat edge mud scraper. Nowadays, there are also many types, so when purchasing, everyone needs to explain clearly so that they can buy products that are suitable for themselves. If you are a distributor, I believe you also want to find a reliable manufacturer. If you have time, you can come to us first to learn more.
You can consult us for other information about the trowel. After all, as a scraper manufacturer, there is no one who knows this product better than us. And here we need to clearly tell everyone that there is a difference between this one and the putty knife. The difference lies in the combination of the handle and the plate. The putty knife is usually inserted into the handle by the plate, and then fastened with rivets or directly molded on a plastic machine. And this mud scraper is welded with rivets on the board, then connected to the handle by pressing on the aluminum foot, and installed directly on the rivet with the handle installed at the back. The specifications of the former are distinguished by inches. Generally ranging from 1 inch to 6 inches. The size of the latter is generally 280 * 120mm, which is rectangular. After understanding their differences, users will also know how to choose when using them in the future. If you need a large quantity, you must find a reputable scraper manufacturer to choose from. This way, there will be a lot of discounts on the price. We welcome everyone to call and inquire about relevant information here.
The above article content is some relevant information about trowels introduced by scraper manufacturers. If you were unfamiliar with these things before, now take this opportunity to take a good look. Perhaps it can really help you in the future. That's all for today's knowledge points, and thank you all for reading my article.



Discussion on the structure of the trowel

The utility model mud scraper includes a mud scraper belonging to the field of construction technology. The utility model includes a knife handle and a knife plate, wherein the knife handle faces the knife handle with a convex block on one side,